UX & Security, Part 1: We Can Do Better

Too often we ignore user experience when it comes to security features, because “that’s just the way it has always been”. However, a recent visit to Universal Studios has made me believe we are not stuck in this corner that we’ve put ourselves in.

It’s a place I visit often, probably about once a year.  There’s something about plummeting to the ground at 70mph on a roller coaster that I find oddly soothing.  This trip was going to be extra soothing, as the “Incredible Hulk” roller coaster, which had been down for repairs and a remodel, was finally open.

Each ride at Universal Studios has a story, and the new “Incredible Hulk” ride had been updated to the “Green Skin Project”.  We were waiting in line to be transformed into a hulk-like beast using a ‘gamma-ray accelerator’, and the rollercoaster represented the high-intensity adrenaline and strength increase we’d get as a hulk. [...]


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