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The Age of Transformation: From Personal to Digital

In my last blog “Fail to Fail”, I talked about the increasing need for businesses to quantify everything, to know everything by fact through figures, models and digital metrics.

In an insecure period, which a transformation often is, the need to know everything increases. Quantifiable facts with little room for interpretation is what most companies seek, this gives them a sense of control in times of unceryainty.

What if something happens that is not quantifiable? What if a situation occurs that cannot be loaded into our precious models and metrics. Does such a situation even exist, continue reading I’d say, you might be surprised!

This need for facts as mentioned earlier, the need to factual know got me thinking about the “Google generation”. More and more people, like for instance teenagers lack creativity nowadays, because hey, Google knows everything right! [...]


To read the whole post and interact, please visit the SogetiLabs blog: The Age of Transformation: From Personal to Digital

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