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Robotic Process Automation

Automation is a key enabler of the digital enterprise, and it can be successfully integrated into virtually every business process to drive speed, cost-efficiency, and competitive advantage.

Our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution helps organizations rapidly transfer repetitive, computer-based tasks from humans to machines—leading to enhanced productivity, accuracy, and scale at a reduced cost to the business. RPA can revolutionize core business tasks with minimal impact to existing infrastructure, resulting in quick deployments and rapid ROI.

Sogeti can help you:

  • Identify opportunities for RPA.
  • Calculate benefits and total project costs.
  • Build an RPA roadmap.
  • Establish effective governance through an RPA Center of Excellence (CoE).
  • Generate KPI dashboards for business and IT stakeholders.
  • Establish an efficient support mechanism for existing robots.

We help organizations navigate the changes needed to succeed with automation. Our experiences include:

  • A track record automating 1,700 business processes
  • 5,000 production robots
  • 1,500 dedicated RPA professionals
  • 3 of the top 5 global financial institutions are our RPA clients
  • #2 RPA integrator globally (HfS, 2019)
  • Premier strategic alliances with all major RPA vendors

Success Story: This large aerospace client was devoting unnecessary manpower to check the accuracy of the thousands of parts they were receiving each month. Not only was this a time drain, it also put the client at increased risk for error or noncompliance. Sogeti completed a thorough analysis and developed a roadmap to address this issue. In 8 weeks, we built a fully-functioning bot that completely automated the verification process. The client:

  • Reduced processing time from 160 days to just 5 days—a 97% improvement in efficiency.
  • Saved $500,000—double their original goal.
  • Identified code defects quickly in the development lifecycle.

Sogeti stands ready to help organizations advance their automation objectives, from selecting tools for initial POCs to running a large-scale “robotization factory” that supports hundreds of robots.

  • Satya Sachdeva
    Satya Sachdeva
    Associate Vice President Insights & Data
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