Data Integration

Managing business information just got easier

Does your business struggle to get reliable information in a timely manner to make tactical or strategic decisions? Does your organization have a data management group to focus on all aspects of information management? At Sogeti, we provide a unique data journey approach that allows organizations to deal with changing requirements and business models. This solution streamlines data management to respond to business needs faster.

With Sogeti’s Data Integration solution, you can leverage our accelerators which bring efficiencies to data management activities. It provides the reliable translation of data into information and actionable insight. 

Our team is ready to help you by utilizing:

  • Optimal data repositories with design, development, architecture frameworks, and best practices covering ODS, EDW, and data marts.
  • ETL using various technologies including Informatica and IBM.
  • Data migration, data management processes, and data modeling.
  • Data quality and data governance solutions.

Even if you have data that cannot move outside your organization, we can still help. Our data scientists can build models using data stored in your data centers—allowing you to still accelerate your results.

Integration at your service:

  • Our Data Integration accelerators support a variety of ETL tools like Informatica, SSIS, Talend, and IBM DataStage.
  • These accelerators help create TRUST in the data, improve speed to market, and reduce cost of development.
  • Our library of data quality rules helps to implement data quality checks quickly and cost effectively.

Make your data work for you—without all the initial work needed to manage critical business information at the enterprise level. At Sogeti, IT is our business™ to help you leverage the next generation in integration. Contact us to learn how.

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  • Satya Sachdeva
    Satya Sachdeva
    Associate Vice President Insights & Data