Artificial Intelligence

The Art of Artificial Intelligence

While once considered futuristic, artificial intelligence is now a part of our daily lives. From Alexa and Netflix to Tesla and Siri, we now depend on AI to make our lives easier. AI has proven its transformational power with the ability to rapidly predict behavior and respond in a human-like manner—completing even highly sophisticated tasks. For example, AI can now even analyze an x-ray and predict cancer as good as or better than most experienced doctors.

Businesses are waking up to the incredible opportunities that AI can deliver including highly personalized customer experiences and automating mundane tasks through machine learning and deep learning.

The exciting news is that this is just the beginning. Artificial intelligence continues to expand, stretching the boundaries of what was once impossible. And while AI offers tremendous opportunity, many companies struggle to know how to best implement it and maximize the ROI. That’s where Sogeti can help.

The Fast Track to AI Success

At Sogeti, we understand AI is about experimentation and then scaling in an industrialized and secure manner. We can help with both to ensure that AI delivers utmost value to your business and its needs.

  • AI Transform – Transform your existing business for operational excellence.
  • AI Activate – Scaling existing AI capabilities in a cost-effective and structured manner to optimize your AI success and results.
  • AI Reimagine – Understand where and how to disrupt, reinvent, and implement the next “AI-First” experiment to capture a true competitive advantage.

Best of all, we have proven accelerators and advanced analytics tools ready to help you quickly ramp up and begin seeing value. In fact, we are currently positioned in the “Leaders” quadrant in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Business Analytics Services based on our experience, solutions, and results.

AI in Action

One of the county’s largest and most well-known insurance companies realized that processing its claims was not only an extremely inefficient process filled with time-consuming and manual steps, but it was also very inconsistent, often suffering from accuracy issues due to human error.

Sogeti developed an AI solution to automate this process, helping the company significantly reduce costs by eliminating re-work and manual effort, ensure accuracy, and increase speed to completion.

Every company has opportunity to leverage AI—and these opportunities will only continue to grow in the future.  The question is—do you know where and how to put it to work for you?

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    Sandeep Sachdeva
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