Product Data Intelligence

Improving product sustainability just got easier

How does your business develop new products? How easy is it for you to gather data to analyze current products and plan future ones?

The truth is, it can be extremely time consuming to gather data across systems to maintain a product— especially if your technical support team doesn’t know how to fix and change your products or where to look for the information needed to do so.

At Sogeti, we have a solution for you. We provide a solution focused on measurement and evaluation to improve product sustainability and new product development.

With Sogeti’s Product Data Intelligence solution, you can leverage our services, with predefined connectors to multiple systems including different PLM systems, Atlassian products, and others. This solution provides access to product data stored in different systems for instant availability—saving time and money.

Our team is ready to help you:

  • Gather, align, and enrich data from multiple systems into a single dashboard—enabling a 360-degree view of product data across the enterprise applications including 3D part search.
  • Generate a master data system based on industry best search solutions which collects and groups information from various corporate applications, internal or external websites, and structured or unstructured data into a single accessible place—allowing users to search and analyze product data.
  • Access any development products your business needs. We are a preferred SI partner with product vendors and have access to product development/R&D resources for any product issue resolution.

Make your data work for you—without all the hassle of searching through multiple systems. At Sogeti, IT is our business™ to help you leverage the next generation in product data intelligence. 

Contact us to learn how IT is possible™.

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    Srinivas Datla
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