PLM Upgrade

You know that it’s important to maintain a competitive edge by innovating and enhancing the experience of your end-user. But are you sure that you have the resources to build innovative products and maintain the high level of quality expected by your customers?

With Sogeti’s PLM Upgrade solution, you can be.

Our PLM Upgrade solution is focused on enabling the adoption of next generation PLM platform and expanding PLM to your newer business functions. In addition to upgrading to the latest version of the PLM tool, Sogeti provides you with:

  • Visual aids to assess upgrade potential and chart differences between software versions.
  • A more holistic approach accounting for the impacted integrations and supporting infrastructure as well as upgrading the whole PLM platform.
  • An approach focused on improving business processes as opposed to merely executing a technical upgrade.
  • A reduction on customization—leading to a long-term, lower total cost of ownership of the PLM platform.

Trust us, we get IT. With proven methodologies and experience in this space, we can help you reduce time to upgrade PLM systems by over 30%. In addition, Sogeti gives you:

  • Flexibility performing upgrades in-house, in cloud environments, or at your site.
  • Technical knowledge and understating of the CAD, PLM, ERP, and related systems interactions.
  • Access to PLM tool specific CoEs.
  • Methodologies: brown paper, RLcM, UPM.
  • Unique accelerators leveraging our PLM upgrade kit—including assets such as a project plan template, environment and deployment checklists, data migration strategy, and pre-defined integration solution. 
  • Access to best practices based on 20+ years of experience on various PLM the platforms.

We know that your customers expect the best from you, so why partner with anyone but the best? Start innovating today. Contact us to learn how IT is possible™.

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  • Srinivas Datla
    Srinivas Datla
    Vice President Digital Manufacturing
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