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Smart Factory

Unleash the Potential of the Digital Industrial Revolution.

Digital technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing are revolutionizing the manufacturing landscape. A clear strategy and roadmap can help you to optimize manufacturing operations and reducing your service and maintenance costs.

That’s where Sogeti comes in.

This solution helps our clients take advantage of the opportunities these new technologies so that they can fully realize the potential of the industrial 4.0 revolution. Our experts can help you:

  • Develop an industrial IoT/I4.0 roadmap with a clear vision of the path ahead.
  • Implement smart factories so you can increase efficiency and ROI.
  • Leverage Manufacturing IT as a Service.

Our Digital Manufacturing Center of Excellence (DM CoE) takes advantage of our global digital resources and intellectual property to transform the client’s value chains across manufacturing operations.

We also have strong partnerships with the major I4.0/IoT/MES application vendors including Siemens, Dassault, SAP, Forcam, BrainCube, GE, PTC, Microsoft, IBM, and AWS.

Success Story: One of our large consumer clients wanted to standardize to a single MES platform for a diverse set of shop floor controllers with the hopes of implementing new capabilities and new lines in manufacturing facilities across the globe. They also wanted to create a common visualization of plant performance across all regions. Using a DevOps model, we developed a template-based master data collection for production lines from site owners, controls, PLC, VLAN, network, OPC services, and IT system owners. We also developed in industrialized process for execution to ensure a consistent configuration of each site, in addition to creating the Thingworx platform for reporting plant metrics.

The results of this project provided immense value to the client including:

  • Standardization of 2,500+ production lines, doubling the number of standardized lines per year.
  • Customer satisfaction improved to 95%.
  • Reduction of costs by 20%.
  • Significantly improved reliability of the switch.

At Sogeti, the way we work with you is what sets us apart. Our client-centric model means that we can be hands-on from day one, ensuring that your smart factory implementation is painless.

  • Srinivas Datla
    Srinivas Datla
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