Product Verification & Validation

Product integrity with first-time-right delivery

Product engineering organizations face new challenges every day with verification and validation of products. These challenges are amplified by technology convergence, increasing product complexity, security requirements, stringent regulatory compliance, and high-quality expectations for a first launch of a product.

With Sogeti’s Product Verification & Validation (PV&V) solution, our mature PV&V methodologies and robust metrics program help you stay ahead of the competition by striking a balance between cost of quality, time- to-market, and product quality.

Our team can deliver:

  • Complex test labs and calibration services.
  • Ready assets—tools, platforms, and accelerators—for engineering domains.
  • A global network of partners.
  • A global presence and Rightshore® delivery model. Flexible, outcome-based business models .

Did you know?

The increasing end-user expectations on performance, safety, reliability, durability, and usability, are forcing a paradigm shift in the verification and validation strategy, from mere quality to overall product integrity.

Our PV&V strategy is driven by an objective of first-time-right delivery with a continuous focus on all aspects of product integrity, enabled by automation at all possible levels—mechanical, electrical, hardware, firmware, software, and external interfaces.

Take the direct route to product success—capture your competitive advantage. At Sogeti, IT is our business™ to help you leverage the next generation in product integrity. 

Contact us to learn how IT is possible™.

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    Srinivas Datla
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