ERP/SaaS Testing

Transform Your Business Process With Reliable QA

Sogeti’s ERP/SaaS Testing solution provides business process assurance with end-to-end coverage. This transformative testing strategy brings a team of experts with significant experience in enterprise-wide QA, ensuring the viability of all aspects of your business including CRM, CPQ, ERP, PLM, field services, and contract life management.

Sogeti brings the innovation and expertise that you expect to optimize your quality assurance and your business, helping you:  

  • Create efficient and comprehensive testing strategies for your SaaS solutions.
  • Use analytics to find the most efficient method of regression testing.
  • Align your testing approach with your overall goals for SaaS solutions.

Success Story: Our client (Electrical apparatus and equipment manufacturer) wanted to make sure that their business processes were working as intended with their newly-implemented SaaS solutions. We established a test center that included an intelligent digital solution with maximized automation that drove productivity, repeatability, and reliability. This solution provided a customized delivery model with an automation-first approach. Additionally, a cognitive QA live dashboard was created that illustrates the project health, specifically related to defect trends, execution trend, pass rate, and requirements coverage.

With our solution in place, our client was able to have business assurance, enable agility, and effectively manage risk. In addition, we helped the client:

  • Achieve 42% automation in year one.
  • Realize 20% cost saving in year two with end-to-end automation.
  • Reach 97% test coverage with use of shift-left principles.
  • Create a structured independent testing setup for the first time.

Test your business processes with the best. Test with Sogeti.

  • Sathish Natarajan
    Sathish Natarajan
    VP Quality Engineering & Testing
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