Cognitive QA

Ensuring a Higher Quality Software Assurance at Speed

Want to see things before your competitors do? Now you can.

With Cognitive QA, we can enable you to make objective, data-driven decisions while optimizing risk levels at any time. This solution pairs intelligent, self-learning, and analytical technology with proven testing processes, enabling smart optimization, automation, and adoption of proven QA and test processes.

Sogeti is recognized by NelsonHall on the advancement in AI and machine learning (ML) in the application of Cognitive Quality Assurance. This solution helps clients optimize costs and quality with reduced time-to-market. With quality input data in hand, our clients realize significant savings.

With Sogeti at your side, we can help you:

  • Ensure the quality of your applications without affecting speed.
  • Improve the alignment of tests with application usage and user-behavior patterns.
  • Remove irrelevant test cases and enhance efficiency and productivity.
  • Gain real-time understanding of app quality with self-adapting test systems.

Success Story: A computer manufacturing client wanted to select configurations and test to reduce the time and manpower devoted to testing. Sogeti delivered an advanced Cognitive QA solution that leveraged both artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. The client saw a 64% reduction by identifying high impactful tests and a 78% reduction in the number of combinations tested for configurations.  

  • Sathish Natarajan
    Sathish Natarajan
    VP Quality Engineering & Testing
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