Experience Design

The art & science behind effective user-experience design

More than just colors and images, effective experience design integrates every aspect of the customer’s experience; Sogeti’s Experience Design solution focuses on the core of design: solving problems.

At Sogeti, we understand that user-experience design is a perfect mix of art and science—and with our expertise in both design and digital technology, we are the partner you can depend on to deliver both. When executed correctly, experience design has the power to separate you from your competition and enable you to connect with customers in new ways, strengthening loyalty and growing your business. From user research, information architecture, interaction, and visual design, you have the opportunity to delight at every touch point.

This solution features:

  • UX Design Immersion—a facilitated workshop in our patented Accelerated Solution Environment to accelerate business decisions and create innovative solutions.
  • Usability Expert Review—an evaluation of application interfaces and task flows against business goals by a team of trained usability professionals.
  • Usability experts trained and certified by the top, global authorities in usability and experience, including Nielsen Norman Group and Human Factors International.
  • Decades of experience in the most effective user-centric design principles with accelerators to eliminate waste, improve collaboration, and speed time-to-market.
  • Rationalizing consumer and user insights through usability testing and web-analytics to improve design, features, and functionality.

What happens when beautiful design meets intuitive functionality? 

  • Customer engagement soars by maximizing opportunities for conversations.
  • Brand advocates are created and discovered by making it simple for customers to interact with you on every platform.
  • ROI is maximized by basing your roadmap for continuous improvement on datadriven intelligence.
  • Business increases with a sales process that is easy and stress-free for customers.

Let Sogeti help you build solutions that your customers and employees will love. 

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  • Mike Buob
    Mike Buob
    VP of Experience & Innovation
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