In criminal cases, there is often an overwhelming amount of video evidence to manage, making it difficult to ensure that prosecutors, law enforcement officers, and defense attorneys can quickly and easily share video evidence. Sharing video files physically can also be a time-consuming exercise, meaning it is not cost-effective. 

That’s where Sogeti comes in. TechShare.Prosecutor is a web-based case management system that enables the secure transfer of information between portals for prosecutors, law enforcement officers, and defense attorneys. This solution includes many features that can make a prosecutor’s job easier:

  • Online access to case files across jurisdictions
  • Law enforcement interface for submitting video evidence
  • Transparency for discovery process with defense
  • Portal to download and play video evidence
  • Pack and Go feature for offline access

TechShare.Prosecutor helps improve efficiency, productivity and document management while also ensuring compliance with state regulations. With this improved evidence management system, cases can be solved quickly. In fact, Texas prosecutors are already reaping the benefits of this solution in their offices:

“We can now process misdemeanor dockets in less than two minutes per case by generating the required plea and judgment paperwork in TechShare.Prosecutor directly in the courtroom.”

- District Attorney, Midland County

“The defense portal has given us quick, direct access to the cases and files we need, including video. This allows us to get documents without leaving the office.”

- Defense Attorney, Midland County

Contact us to start easily managing and sharing evidence with TechShare.Prosecutor.

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