Agencies across the criminal justice system need to have up-to-date and complete information at their disposal in all areas of the criminal justice system. This is especially important for agencies who are responsible for at-risk youth, Children in Need of Supervision (CINS), and juvenile offenders so that they can make decisions that are in the best interest of the minors they are charged with supervising.

It can be difficult to ensure you are getting a holistic view of a child’s history if their information is spread across multiple counties, each using their own separate reporting and data management systems. 

Sogeti can make the process more collaborative.

TechShare.Juvenile is a robust data management system that helps departments become the data powerhouses they need to be to best serve at-risk youth, CINS, and juvenile offenders across the state.

This solution includes dynamic and innovative features to help you best do your job, including:

  • Comprehensive and customizable reporting capabilities
  • Management of offender programs and facilities
  • 24/7 TechShare support
  • Multi-county data management and collaboration tools

Agencies across the state have already seen the benefits of TechShare.Juvenile’s seamless and comprehensive data management:

 “Having the ability to see if a child has been handled by another agency has been invaluable to our department.”

- Denton County, TX Juvenile Services

“The master referral has saved our county time and money because we have faster response time which means less postponements and court hearings.”

- Dallas County, TX Juvenile Services

This solution provides a comprehensive and collaborative data management system for juveniles across counties. It is also secure, ensuring that only the appropriate users have access to information.

Contact us today to collaboratively manage data and optimize your data management system with TechShare.Juvenile

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