The booking process is a time-consuming experience that places a large burden on jails. Without a modernized solution for jail management, staff can be left scrambling to ensure they are complying with state regulations while also ensuring the safety of inmates and staff.

Add to that the task of ensuring the tracking information on inmates is accurate and you could be left with a poorly organized set of data that is difficult to navigate and inefficient.

That’s where we can help. Sogeti’s TechShare.Jail solution is a cost-effective and efficient system for managing inmates, staff and facilities, empowering jail staff to collaborate on information management and control the quality of captured data.

This solution provides:

  • Expedited booking process
  • Improved compliance with state regulations
  • Optimized inmate tracking system
  • Access to key statistics
  • Reduction in operational costs

TechShare.Jail will help in managing all the necessary data for staff to accurately, efficiently, and collaboratively gather and manage data. This optimized jail management system makes it possible to efficiently manage an inmate from booking to release while ensuring the safety of both inmates and staff. 

Contact us today to find out how TechShare.Jail can transform your jail management system.

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