TechShare.Indigent Defense

When a defendant can’t afford an attorney, it’s up to the county to make sure he or she has adequate legal representation. Unfortunately, manual processing of indigent defendants can be time-consuming, expensive, and inaccurate, resulting in extensive delays and costly mistakes.

To efficiently process an indigent defense, there must be a system in place that can quickly and accurately manage indigent defense appointments.

Sogeti’s solution makes the court appointment process easier, faster, and cheaper. TechShare.Indigent Defense is a seamless and efficient system for processing court-appointed attorneys. This solution can provide:

  • Automated appointments and real-time access to case information
  • Document generation with templates
  • Customized indigency calculation
  • Ongoing compliance monitoring
  • Management of attorney fee vouchers
  • Detailed graphical KPI reporting
  • Faster payment for indigent representatives

Counties are already reaping the rewards from implementing this solution:

“We have seen a decrease in both our jail population and pretrial bond services with the new system in place. Additionally, we have seen a reduction in the number of felony first appearances without court-appointed representation if desired by the defendant. Bell County did everything manually. In order to pull information, we had to go back through e-mails, court records, and notebooks. Once the case was disposed of, the attorney fee vouchers could take up to a month to make their way to the Auditor’s office for payment.”

- Bell County, TX

TechShare.Indigent Defense helps counties develop and maintain quality, cost-effective indigent defense systems that meet the needs of local communities and the Miranda requirements regarding legal representation for arrested persons. It provides accurate reporting measures, effective budgeting tools and more efficient programs at the local level.

Our solution is the ideal system for ensuring compliance across departments and cutting down on inaccuracies. The solution is available stand-alone or integrated with TechShare.Prosecutor, TechShare.Court, TechShare.Juvenile,TechShare.Jail and existing systems in your environment.

TechShare LGC offers local government the opportunity to share in the development, acquisition, implementation and use of technology systems.

Contact us today to optimize the way you manage court-appointed attorneys with TechShare.Indigent Defense.

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