Criminal Justice

Innovative Solutions for Criminal Justice

The criminal justice system is responsible for managing large amounts of data on a regular basis. Some departments are still relying heavily on paper documents and filing systems that are unsustainable in the era of information abundance. Criminal justice departments that rely on archaic data management systems find it difficult to accurately mange the large amount of data they are responsible for while also saving money and time.

To be effective in this data-intensive era, criminal justice departments must have an innovative and collaborative system to house their data.

That's where we come in. Sogeti is the exclusive implementation partner for the full suite of solutions from TechShare LGC.

TechShare develops innovative IT solutions that save criminal justice departments time, money, and resources while also allowing collaboration across county lines. Plus, TechShare users are owners and drive development, empowering them to adapt the solution to THEIR needs.

TechShare currently has four solutions that are already being implemented in counties across Texas:

  • TechShare.Prosecutor – web-based case management system that facilitates the sharing of evidence between law enforcement officials, prosecutors and defense attorneys
  • TechShare.Court – integrated system to manage the lifecycle of court cases that also includes judicial and bond portals
  • TechShare.Juvenile – helps departments collaboratively manage data on at-risk youth and juvenile offenders across county lines.
  • TechShare.Indigent Defense – this innovative system can efficiently and accurately manage court-appointed attorneys and their cases.
  • TechShare.Jail – this solution empowers jail staff to collaborate and effectively manage information.

TechShare helps departments increase collaboration in their data management processes while also saving time and resources.

The benefits of TechShare solutions:  

  • Automation, elimination of manual processes, and simplification of workflows helps users save time, money, and resources.  
  • Information can be accessed quickly and collaboration across various users, departments, and counties allows for the secure sharing of information.
  • Support is available 24/7 and the agile business model allows for updates and product enhancements to be released quickly.
  • An intuitive user interface makes it easy for users to customize the screens to fit their needs

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Criminal Justice

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