Big Data Lake

Drowning in data—it’s a common feeling amongst business leaders.

Your company is fi­lled with data; however, with disparate systems, multiple versions of ­les, and inconsistent processes, accessing information and turning it into usable insights can be seemingly impossible. But now there’s a new way; welcome to Sogeti’s Big Data Lake. 

This unique approach to how information is stored and managed is built on a simple premise: in order for your team to quickly recognize opportunities and capture competitive advantages, employees must be able to easily access information and collaborate.

While many providers may talk about big data, Sogeti has experience delivering results and can help guide you—even through rocky waters. 

With our Big Data Lake solution you can:

  • Realize a 30-50% cost savings compared to traditional enterprise data warehouses when dealing with enterprise data.
  • Save 80% of costs compared to specialized, in-memory appliances.
  • Eliminate excessive Excel usage and create a consistent, single version of information.

Are you ready to turn your data into insights? Contact us to learn how.

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  • Satya Sachdeva
    Satya Sachdeva
    Vice President Business Information & Analytics