Devops & Agile Adoption

Development at the speed of your business needs

Today’s businesses are under immense pressure to deliver new, improved solutions to end-users and customers at an ever-increasing speed. They have to adapt fast in order to survive—and old, trusted ways of doing things are being overturned in favor of new models and methods.

DevOps is an emerging and rapidly maturing movement and philosophy. It is about tearing down silos, accelerating collaboration, and increasing value to customers and business. It’s a world where “release” becomes continuous and a part of everyday “normal”.

Sogeti’s DevOps & Agile solution helps to break down department silos and optimize performance throughout your entire product lifecycle—from concept to deployment with ongoing monitoring and enhancement.

No matter your maturity today, Sogeti’s team can help you get to the next level and achieve the significant results that DevOps and Agile adoption can deliver.

  • Advise & Coach—with proven knowledge and inspiration, our team can help you build a strategy aligned to your business goals.

  • Accelerate & Deliver—our DevOps and Agile teams can “bridge the gaps” to bring the needed skills and experience to directly affect positive change towards business value.

  • Transform & Manage—this managed service leverages our unique accelerators, CoEs, and partnerships to drive the ultimate results throughout your organization.

Break through your organization’s barriers and maintain your competitive edge. At Sogeti, IT is our business™ to help you deliver higher quality products to your customers faster. 

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  • Brian Hammond
    Brian Hammond
    Executive Vice President Applications & Cloud Technology
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