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Optimize your journey to the cloud.

Today’s IT landscape places increasing pressure on organizations to become more agile and innovate more rapidly to maintain a competitive edge. With this, it’s no surprise that leveraging cloud technologies continues to be a top priority for most businesses.

But how can you be sure to optimize your investment and get the most results from the cloud?

That’s where Sogeti comes in. We can help manage, automate, and orchestrate your applications and processes in a cloud environment, often leveraging a DevOps model.

In addition to minimizing your cost and disruption while maximizing scale, we can help you become more agile—giving you the ability release new updates every day or even every hour, driving instant business value and speed from your IT investments. 

  • Our team provides infrastructure management services including monitoring and patch management for IaaS or private cloud models.
  • We are experts in cloud application management, including Middleware and Platform management— helping you maximize results from your databases.
  • Our team can help you automate and orchestrate your virtual network, service management scripting, application installation, and more.
  • You can begin building solutions in the cloud such as IoT hubs and enabling analytics. 

Elevate your success with the cloud experts:

  • Our team is working with a logistics company to migrate nearly 100 applications to a public cloud environment based on Microsoft Azure. Sogeti is creating and managing ongoing support for this cloud solution, and the client expects to save 30% of their current IT spend as a result.
  • Sogeti has global partnerships with some of largest public-cloud providers inclulding AWS, Microsoft Azure, and IBM SoftLayer.

Contact us today to start optimizing the cloud and achieving results that are sky-high.

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  • Brian Hammond
    Brian Hammond
    Executive Vice President Applications & Cloud Technology
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