devops and agile adoption

DevOps & Agile Adoption

Development at the Speed Your Business Needs

Today’s businesses are under immense pressure to deliver new, improved solutions to end-users and customers at an ever-increasing speed. They must adapt fast in order to survive—and old, trusted ways of doing things are being overturned in favor of new models and methods.

DevOps is an emerging and rapidly maturing movement and philosophy. It is about tearing down silos, accelerating collaboration, and increasing value to customers and business. It’s a world where “release” becomes continuous and a part of everyday “normal.”

Sogeti’s DevOps & Agile solution helps to break down department silos and optimize performance throughout your entire product lifecycle—from concept to deployment with ongoing monitoring and enhancement.

No matter your maturity today, Sogeti’s team can help you get to the next level and achieve the significant results that DevOps and Agile adoption can deliver.

  • Agile Adoption: Our Agile Adoption solution helps to break down department silos and optimize performance throughout the entire product lifecycle. We act as a change agent, providing you with the Agile knowledge you need to efficiently build and deliver business objectives. Using our accelerators and CoEs, we manage your business and help you adopt DevOps practices that enable true business transformation.

  • DevOps Feature Teams: Our solution helps you jumpstart your DevOps journey, delivering a well-defined DevOps implementation plan. Our team provides best-in-class automated test coverage, allowing for continuous integration and a release strategy that meets the needs of the customer. With our expertise, you’ll have on-demand insight to the state of your application.

  • Process Automation & CI/CD: With Sogeti at your side, you’ll be able to accelerate your speed to market, improve your adoption, and increase customer satisfaction and predictability. Our continuous delivery approach makes sure that your builds, tests, and deployments have the speed, agility, and reliability that your business needs to realize meaningful value.

Disruption is the norm in today’s fast-paced digital environment and how quickly you respond to change will determine your future success. Let Sogeti help ensure that your business can adapt fast, providing improved and innovative solutions for your customers.

  • Brian Hammond
    Brian Hammond
    Executive Vice President Applications & Cloud Technology