Webcast: Optimize Your Technology For Employee Productivity & Happiness

On 26th of April 2018, we aired a webinar about 'Optimize Your Technology For Employee Productivity & Happiness'.

On the 26th of April we co-hosted a 45 minute Webinar with guest Forrester and partner Powel365 Software where we discussed the ever evolving modern workspace.  

Quite simply, happy employees create happy customers. But it's not pay, recognition, or even vacation time that leads to a happy workplace; it's the ability for employees to get things done and to feel that they’re adding value by doing so efficiently and effectively.

Digitisation is dramatically changing the way in which we work (together). Organisations are looking for opportunities to securely improve the productivity of knowledge workers. Yet those same employees only want one thing: to be able to work (together) optimally on different devices, at any time and wherever they are.

As HR, Operations, Marketing and IT professionals, your aim is to enable employees with new technology that moves them towards the goal of any time, anywhere working. Yet, all too often, technology is more of a distraction than an enabler, and it can leave employees feeling frustrated, confused, and unmotivated. 

To download the webinar please follow the link below: 


Next webinar: Smarter Working Case Study

You may also find our next webinar insightful, as it will feature a case study on smarter working in practice. In this webinar on the 15th of May, ‘College Intranet sees 80% adoption in 2 months – want to know how?’ you’ll be able to her from ROC Friesland College on how they transformed their working environment for their students, by enabling them to collaborate more effectively with a new digital platform built in just one month.

  • Bhavik Rao
    Bhavik Rao
    VP of Digital Transformation