Utopia for Beginners

Welcome to the post-technology era

As a child we all had dreams. Whether you wanted to become a doctor, start your own business, learn to play the guitar, or become a professional athlete, your dreams ignited what came next and made you ‘go for it’. Organizations have dreams as well, some more explicit than others. Their dreams are presented in their corporate statements: “Let’s build a smarter planet” (IBM) or “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything” (Nike). Corporate dreams are ways to align with what is going on in society. If they capture the Zeitgeist it is a great way to connect and strengthen their brands. Beyond individual and corporate dreams, there are dreams of a new society: the so-called Utopian dreams. Utopia is a collective dream, a desired society in which things are arranged in a certain way. It’s innocent in a sense that it is a dream of a better future and a better society (unlike its counterpart Dystopia). It’s also crucial for your business success. Like individual dreams, collective dreams define which direction society is going to take. So as well as doing what they’re already doing in terms of digital change, organizations must take into account a new dimension – the ‘purpose directionality’. What ‘purpose’ does your business serve in light of the direction that society is taking? Purpose directionality is thus an outside-in perspective; dreams that are bubbling in society today that give direction to the economy of tomorrow.

In this report we will present dreams of a future society. They are presented by nine experts who we have encountered during our research over the years. These perspectives will lead to new questions for business to answer. Without any doubt, the main question will be how to succeed in a future (information) society that is so much more driven by purpose than anything else.


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    Director of VINT
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  • Sander Duivestein
    Sander Duivestein
    Senior Analyst at Sogeti
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    Thijs Pepping
    Trend Analyst
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