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Sogeti, part of Capgemini, is proud to be a conference sponsor for the Greater Cincinnati IT Symposium. Below is a list of our speakers and the topics we are discussing at the event. If you want to get in touch with Capgemini, scroll to the bottom of the page, fill in your details, and we will be in touch!

Our Speakers

Mike Buob
Metaverse Chapter 2: Dead or Alive? Uncovering the Reality Behind the Hype

Mike is a visionary technology strategist and digital transformation expert with over 23 years of experience. He excels in leveraging his expertise in software development, innovation, and both technology and experience strategy to create innovative solutions that empower clients to thrive in the digital era. His unwavering commitment to innovation and his deep understanding of digital trends have positioned him as a thought leader in the industry, where he takes pride in identifying and implementing cutting-edge technologies to help clients maximize their potential and deliver impactful experiences.

He now focuses on helping clients devise and execute their digital transformation strategies and helping them implement innovation programs.

He is a global speaker and has covered many topics such as web3, metaverse, loyalty programs, digital transformation, product led transformation and design thinking.

His extensive work includes collaborations with renowned clients across many industries.

Mike's presentation today, "Metaverse Chapter 2: Dead or Alive? Uncovering the Reality Behind the Hype"  focuses on the aftermath of the metaverse hype explosion, and how many have declared the concept dead. However, with sustained growth and adoption, the metaverse is very much alive. We'll explore the current state of the metaverse, its potential future, and the factors that contributed to its initial hype.

Brian Hammond
Cloud – The Journey and the Adventure Beyond

Brian leads globally the Capgemini Cloud Group Offer and the portfolio for Sogeti in North America. He works with and advises Capgemini clients on how they can leverage Cloud and the Hyperscalers to rapidly achieve business outcomes like enterprise agility, transformation, innovation, sustainability, and more.

Brian has over 20 years of experience in the industry, the last 8 focusing on Cloud. Brian is a regular speaker at events like Amazon Reinvent and Microsoft Inspire.

Brian is a father of four and is in a local Cincinnati Rock and Roll band called the Grateful Dad’s.

In today's talk, "Cloud – The Journey and the Adventure Beyond", Brian will cover the major trends in Cloud in 2023 - for agility, resiliency, sustainability, the alignment of business and technology, and take a look where the hyperscalers are going next, and how to build talent for the future.


Doug Ross
How AI Will Make Your Sales and Marketing Superhuman

Doug Ross is the National Practice Vice President of Hyperautomation for Sogeti, Part of Capgemini. Ross leads architecture, advisory and strategy for AI/ML and related technologies for some of Capgemini’s largest clients.

Prior to Capgemini, Ross served as CTO of Western & Southern Financial Group where he won both the ComputerWorld Premier 100 and SMA Innovation in Action Awards. Prior to that, he led several Cyber Operations technology programs for Northrop Grumman Mission Systems. He is a Computer Science graduate of Indiana University.

In his talk, "How AI Will Make Your Sales and Marketing Superhuman", Doug will discuss the trends we’re seeing in sales, marketing and related operational areas that are driving true business value. He'll also examine multiple aspects of marketing technologies and sales enablement using GPT that can really set businesses apart.

Ram Seetepalli
Right the Technology and Write The Future – “Stay in the Box, Think Outside”


Ram Seetepalli is a Technology Executive with 20+ years of experience in defining technology strategy and managing large-scale digital transformational programs across multiple industries. He has consulted as an advisor to several Fortune 100 organizations on leveraging innovation and technology to deliver measurable business value.

Prior to joining Capgemini, Ram worked as an executive with top global consulting services firms managing innovation hubs and digital studios, building Cloud, IoT, and Analytics centers-of-excellence to help a broad list of organizations adopt cutting-edge technology trends to solve business problems.

Ram is a frequent speaker at industry events, trade shows, and professional community events on topics like Innovation, Edge Computing, and AI/Analytics. He has also served as a technical advisor to multiple start-ups in commodity transportation, robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles, etc. He currently lives in Houston with his wife and two teenagers and loves spending time with his family. When he’s not with his family, Ram is probably tinkering with robots, riding his motorcycle, out boating, or just playing the piano.

In his talk, "Right the Technology and Write The Future – 'Stay in the Box, Think Outside'”, he'll discuss how every business is now a technology business. Yet in a world where scarcity is in abundance, we must think carefully about the choices we make, including the technologies we use. By helping choose the right solutions in a rightsized manner, leaders can ensure organizations thrive in an environmentally sustainable manner. Mastering a technology business is not only about understanding trends and their overarching themes, it’s about making it work, moving from articulating aspirations to actually righting the technology and writing the future. Stay in the Box to keep the core running but Think Outside to build the future. If you choose the Right Technology, you can Write the Future your business deserves. Learn more about to the newest trends in technology, how organizations are applying them to real-life scenarios and discover a fresh, unique, and playful perspective on technology trends.


“Just like websites and mobile apps became an extension of a company’s brand, the metaverse will be the extension of their brand.” – Mike Buob, Capgemini

Are you thinking about how the metaverse can impact your company and impact your brand? Learn more about how Capgemini and Sogeti are leveraging the metaverse to experience things differently.


Capgemini and Sogeti provide end-to-end cloud services with sector-specific expertise to transform experiences for companies and their customers. Learn more about partnering with us to accelerate cloud innovation.


Today’s world is becoming more and more intelligent and there are many aspects to navigating this new era of AI. 

Learn more about how data and artificial intelligence offerings can amplify business outcomes.


“A sustainable future is achievable only with deep collaboration with our clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders.” – Aiman Ezzat, CEO

Learn more about how Sogeti and Capgemini's Sustainability Framework can accelerate your journey to Net Zero.

For every Greater Cincinnati IT Symposium attendee, we have funded one tree to help take action on climate change. Learn more about the locaton and projects details of these trees by visiting this link and then choosing the “Your trees” section.

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