September 21-22, 2022 in Redmond, Washington

Microsoft Executive Briefing Conference 2022

The Adaptive, Resilient and Creative Enterprise


Join us for a two-day Microsoft Executive Briefing event. This immersive experience will take place at the Microsoft Executive Briefing Center and include a tour of Microsoft’s Industry Experience Center.

During this event, we’ll explore the objectives at the heart of building an ‘Innovation Ready Enterprise’. We’ll discover how to apply ‘Future Fit Strategies’ to build an enterprise that pre-emptively invests in its maneuverability to make frictionless continuous change possible.

We’ll dive into some of the core concepts of “Innovation Ready Enterprises”, which are:

Adaptive – able to create or adjust core business processes and concepts
Creative – bringing emotion and engagement into digital customer and employee experiences
Resilient – delivering on socially sustainable product vision and brand promise, rain or shine, no matter the crisis

Practical information


Our main sessions will be held at the Microsoft Executive Briefing Center on the Microsoft campus in Redmond Washington.

We will provide more information on lodging and transportation options in the coming weeks.


Our 2022 Microsoft Executive Briefing Conference is an invitation-only event reserved for a limited number of attendees.

Arrive on September 20 and depart the afternoon of September 22 or later.

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