The Wellmark App Developed by Sogeti Makes Wellmark a Top Innovator

Envisioning an app for Wellmark

We know that we can now get 24/7 access to many services, online and on the move. Health insurance company, Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, realized this and asked themselves, “Why should access to health insurance benefits be any different?” Sogeti was there to help answer that question. “Members are starting to expect their health insurance providers to extend the same customer experience they’re getting from B2C companies,” said Sunil Talreja, Vice President of Digital Transformation for Sogeti.

For Brad Hoyt, Director of Innovation at Wellmark, this meant developing an app that would enable their members to access information on their health insurance coverage anytime, anywhere—while also positioning Wellmark as an industry leader in technology.

“We noticed that conversations were changing at Wellmark,” said Hoyt. “It went from thinking about what we could do with mobile to what we had to do with mobile.”

Putting the Wellmark app in the hands of their members

According to Hoyt, his team engaged Sogeti in the envisioning and initial architecture of the Wellmark app because of their “knowledge, skills, and expertise” in both mobile and the healthcare sector. After the initial concept was complete, Wellmark made the decision to partner with Sogeti for development, testing, release, and support as well.

“One of the early decisions that Sogeti was able to help us with was whether to develop the Wellmark app as a ‘native app’ or web solution,” said Hoyt. “Developing as a native app made it possible for us to incorporate web as a backend service, making the app multimodal.”


Means members aren’t limited to using their smartphones - the Wellmark app can also be accessed via tablet or browser.

Dual FunctionalityDual Functionality
Encompasses both customer service and benefits.

Search CapabilitySearch Capability
Locates nearby in-network physicians, dentists, hospitals or other medical facilities.

Help 24/7

Help 24/7
Provides answers to customer service questions and/or the option to talk to a personal health assistant 24/7

Benefits Integration

Benefits Integration
Allows users to login to member account, access individual benefits, view explanation of benefits, see individual claims details, and carry mobile ID card that can be shown/emailed to a medical provider.


Lessons learned along the way

“One of the lessons we’ve learned is how important it is to have a partner with knowledge, skills, and capabilities in the area you’re focused on,” said Hoyt. “We needed people on our team that understood both mobile, healthcare and cloud technologies such as Microsoft Azure, and Sogeti has been that partner for us.”

In addition, Hoyt also explained how Wellmark was able to expedite the development process with the right mix of onshore and offshore support.

“Sogeti also showed us how valuable it was to have developers offshore, because it gave us 24/7 capability,” said Hoyt. “We got into a rhythm of our onshore team finding changes that needed made, and the app would already be updated by the time we got in the next morning.”

App makes Wellmark a Top Innovator

The Wellmark app is available on both the App, Google Play, and Windows Phone Stores and to date it’s installed on more than 25,000 devices.

“Together I think we’ve shown this is about much more than just providing an app that enables finding care,” said Talreja. “Wellmark has set the standard for the healthcare industry, making it possible for members to help manage their own care limitlessly.”

And Information Week recognized Wellmark for just that... The Wellmark app earned them a spot on the 2013 Innovation Week 500 List of U.S. Technology Innovators.

“Sogeti has been a great partner for us,” said Hoyt. “They have some great people, very skilled, very competent people, and we are really looking forward to continuing our partnership.”

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