The Frankenstein Factor - The Anatomy of Fear of Artificial Intelligence

This third SogetiLabs report in a series of four on the topic of Machine Intelligence, addresses the fear of Artificial Intelligence and how organizations should handle it.

We are on the threshold of an extraordinary development that makes the automation heart beat faster. Recent announcements by both Facebook and tech pioneer Elon Musk to build brain interfaces are great examples. But together with the expanding possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI), emotions run higher and higher. A new report from SogetiLabs 'The Frankenstein Factor: the Anatomy of Fear of AI'recommends taking these emotions seriously and pleads for a therapeutic approach. A focus on IT efficiency and effectiveness should be accompanied by a focus on human existence.

The report describes four “Frankenstein Factors”. Fill in the form below to get your free copy of the report. 

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  • Bhavik Rao
    Bhavik Rao
    VP of Digital Transformation