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Keep Your Lens Wide

Senior Consultant Tiffany Grafton, who’s celebrating her nine-year Sogeti anniversary this month, reflects on her time as a Sogetian.

Name: Tiffany Grafton 
Role: Senior Consultant 
Practice: Digital Transformation 
Location: Cincinnati 
Joined Sogeti: 2010 

This month is my Sogeti anniversary! Over the past nine years, I have had the chance to help world-class brands use digital channels to strengthen their customer engagement and profitability, bring new products to market, and implement new technologies for globally dispersed teams and employees.

I have my alma mater, Miami University, to thank for leading me to Sogeti by helping me identify that the blend of my passions and personal qualities has powerful application at the intersection of design, technology, and business.

Sogeti swiftly lifted me into an engagement with one of our strategic accounts where I was excited to learn and shine with my blend of communication expertise, my rapport with technical experts, and my knack for facilitating cross-discipline teams. Throughout my first year, I remember feeling both intimidated and inspired (not always equally) as I gained confidence leading organizational communications and other projects for a large global team of leaders and STEM specialists.

One of my first clients had a major impact on me and my career. Through her example, I learned the leadership skills that are required for cultivating high-performing, global teams. This was the first time that I formulated strategies, frameworks, change plans, and other key vehicles for success. I admired my client’s ability to balance high expectations with actionable feedback.

To those of you at the start of your career, my advice is to try to keep your lens wide. Your strengths are versatile and can help you develop a valuable understanding of the bigger picture. An early example of this for me was my decision to supplement my degree with a technical co-op and a creative internship. This approach to career exploration helped me discover that I enjoy gathering insights, testing them, and prioritizing the best path forward, which is essential for innovation and product development. It also highlighted that one of my most versatile strengths is tethering strategy with plans to increase clarity, performance, and engagement.

Digital transformation is exciting to me because it appeals to my creative and analytical sides. I enjoy that on any given dayI could be providing creative direction on a suite of branded communication materials, helping provide clarity on a requirement to a development team, or preparing a governance update for stakeholders.

In another life, I may have been editor-in-chief for a design and style magazine. In my down time you can find me reveling in the finer things of life like food, style, travel, music, art, literature, and the great outdoors. My husband, Ryan, and I share a passion for water. He’s a fisherman, and I spent much of my life a competitive swimmer. At every opportunity, we trailer the boat, load up the fur babies—Sunshine (golden retriever) and Hermione (mixed breed rescue)—and head for the coast or a new lake or river to explore.

Big dreams and professional goals keep my family and me motivated every day. The energy, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit involved with working in digital is contagious and inspires many of them. In the near future, I look forward to putting my knowledge of implementing the lean-agile way of working to more use for enterprises, owning a product myself and bringing the vision to life from the ground up, and building up and growing our region’s deep roster of agile talent through the center of excellence I am establishing this year.

I also look forward to getting involved in the Applied Innovation Exchange and SogetiLabs network in the future. The thought leadership and client engagement that the AIE and SogetiLabs promotes is an important part of what keeps us ahead of the digital curve.

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  • tiffany grafton
    Tiffany Grafton
    Senior Consultant