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Take Full Advantage of the Endless Resources Available to You

Taylor Shuck, an Associate Consultant based out of Indianapolis, discusses getting out of your comfort zone and building a professional network.

Name: Taylor Shuck 
Role: Associate Consultant 
Practice: Applications & Cloud Technologies
Location: Indianapolis 
Joined Sogeti: 2018

Initially, I wasn’t looking to make a move from my previous job. However, when a recruiter from Sogeti reached out to me, I thought ‘why not?’ and listened to what he had to say.

After hearing about the client opportunity, the team environment, 401k match, and the enthusiasm for continuing education, I decided to make the switch. I’ve never been with a company that takes so much interest in bettering yourself and provides so much support.  

On my first day at Sogeti, I came to the office and went through onboarding, learned about the client site, and had lunch with the GVP. I thought it was so neat that executives were so easily available and made an effort to make me feel included even on my first day. It has been very much the same throughout my first year. I work very closely with all levels of leadership and it’s so interesting to see so many parts of the Sogeti and Capgemini organizations.  

My current role is a bit different than the traditional consultant role as in I sit onsite at the client full-time, but I am not dedicated to a specific project. I really like the aspect of working with all the hiring managers at the client and understanding their needs so that we can provide the best talent to deliver.

In the same way, I feel that Sogeti does a great job supporting their employees’ career goals by taking an interest in where we would like to be. Our GVP in Indianapolis really cares and listens to your wants/needs and spends time preparing career paths that benefit you as well as the unit. I’ve never once asked for help with a certification or some aspect of learning and been told no.   

You need to make sure that take full advantage of the endless resources that are offered to you. I know almost every unit tries to build a positive, team-oriented environment. If you participate, you’ll get to find out about the many things that are going on in your unit and really build a professional network.

Sogeti does a great job encouraging us to get out and get involved.  It’s one of the reasons I really love our Summer of Service campaign. I’ve always enjoyed spending time giving back to the community, and I think it is so awesome that the company not only coordinates this initiative but also actively encourages everyone to participate.  

That is so important to remember when working at Sogeti. To succeed, you really need to get comfortable networking and socializing with colleagues, clients, etc. This was easier for me because everyone at my unit is so welcoming and in no time, I felt like had friends in my unit, not just coworkers.

I once worked with someone who told me “always say yes”, within reason of course. If you are given an incredible opportunity, always say yes. I’ve adapted that to my life in a way that has allowed me to explore new opportunities and new places. Before, I was always someone who would think of all the things that could go wrong but now I think of all the things that can go right.  

Connecting back to my point above, step out of your comfort zone. Try new things and take new opportunities at work to grow yourself. I find a lot of people can be so comfortable in their careers that they grow stagnant. There are so many things to learn! 

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    Taylor Shuck
    Associate Consultant