sadie ogle

I’m Absorbing as Much Information as I Can

Sadie Ogle, an Associate Consultant in the Applications & Cloud Technologies practice and a newbie to Sogeti, discusses her first few months at Sogeti and her hopes for the future.

Name: Sadie Ogle
Role: Associate Consultant
Practice: Applications & Cloud Technologies
Location: Phoenix
Joined Sogeti: 2019

I first heard about Sogeti when I found their booth at an ASU career fair, and admittedly I was there thinking about working for some of the big names like American Express or Raytheon. But the difference showed when I talked with the consultant at the Sogeti booth. He seemed the most genuine and answered all my questions with legitimate joy and happiness for what he does with Sogeti. I immediately felt like it was somewhere that I could thrive.

My first day was a little nerve racking. It was at the new hire training camp held at the corporate office in Dayton. There were so many people there and I wasn’t sure if I would fit in. However, I ended up making friendships, and I’m excited for all the new adventures to come!

I love how kind and supportive everyone is around me. Every day someone tells me how well I fit in with the team and how I’m become a valuable asset to the team. I love how there are constantly new things to learn that challenge me. I feel like I’m gaining both professional and personal knowledge that’ll help me succeed for the rest of my life. 

Currently I’m working with an ACD software known as Genesys, creating and managing phone trees for a customer when they call in to our client. I’m also in charge of making sure that our data is organized and finding new ways to automate our processes to make everyone’s lives easier.

I feel motivated knowing that the work that I do directly helps people with their day-to-day business. I love it when I’m able to help people directly and they’re always very grateful. I’d say that’s what I’m the most passionate about as well, being able to help people and do even the smallest thing to make their lives better. 

Sogeti has done more for my career goals than I could ever imagine from any other job. I constantly feel so supported by all my colleagues from different teams throughout Sogeti. I also have a counselor who regularly meets with me and is always there whenever I need him. He helps me with whatever I need, but primarily he’s been guiding me in the best direction for furthering my career. 

Recently, my counselor described me as a ‘Beam of Light’, I love to be able to brighten someone’s day with a good story or just a smile. This goes for my friends and family and everyone in the workplace. You never know what someone may be going through in their day, so just be kind!

I think someone who really influenced my life was one of my professors in college. She was extremely intelligent and understood different concepts in unique ways. She was my professor for one of my most challenging classes and I always found myself in her office hours at least once a week. She helped me with the class and also helped to challenge me and the way I think about problem solving. Outside of the scholarly scope, she helped me build confidence in myself and my abilities as a developer and never made me feel like there was anything I couldn’t do. I appreciate her a lot for what she has helped me become today.

Sogeti is a place where employees have the choice to make their own path. No day is ever the same, you’re always learning and doing new things even if you’ve been on the same project for a long time. I hope to be able to become someone that people look up to and will turn to in a jam. Either in some sort of leadership or managerial position or even just someone with a plenty of knowledge that my colleagues trust and appreciate. For now, I’m absorbing the most information I can to eventually achieve this vision for my future!

  • sadie ogle
    Sadie Ogle
    Associate Consultant