Paige Evans Shares Her Sogeti Story

Illinois Recruiter Paige Evans shares her #LifeAtSogeti and what it takes to be a superstar recruiter.

Name: Paige Evans
Role: Recruiter
Location: Illinois
Joined Sogeti: 2020

Q: Why did you join Sogeti?

Paige Evans: When I was approached for this position, I was not even really looking. However, my Dad has always said, “Keep the door and your mind open." So, I did. It was a fabulous experience throughout the interview process. Everyone I met with had been with Sogeti for quite some time, which was very important to me. They took time to get to know me and they genuinely seemed very happy professionally and personally. At the end of meeting, I really, really wanted to work with every one of them. The door to opportunity at Sogeti opened and I happily stepped in!

Since joining Sogeti a little over two years ago, I've felt so supported. Leadership really pushes to you reach your goals, celebrates your successes, and continues to guide you so you never want to stop learning and growing.

Also, in my 15 years of recruiting, I had yet to see such a comprehensive benefits and compensation package. Sogeti works very hard to take care of its employees and their families.

Q: How does your typical day look?

PE: Every day really is different for me, which I love! However, on a typical day I prepare for the day—with lots of coffee fueling me in the morning—by reviewing and editing my calendar. I will also quickly scan through all my emails, making sure to check-in on the status of all open positions and those that I am prioritizing for that day. Additionally, I’ll make sure to review all applicant resumes from my current job postings and respond to all applicants. I believe it’s important to keep in touch with everyone even if they do not fit a particular job opening—they could always be a perfect fit for a role in the future!

The rest of the day may consist of active and passive sourcing on various recruiting platforms, especially LinkedIn, which I'm on all the time. In addition, I conduct candidate screenings, review resumes and profiles, schedule interviews, prepare candidates for interviews, collaborate/meet with my team, onboard new hires, and explore industry trends. And the best part of my day comes when I get to extend offers :-)

Q: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

PE: Being able to do what I love every day! I love connecting with people and helping others take their careers to the next level. I also love working with my team; I'm so lucky and fortunate to be at Sogeti!

Q: What are some of the challenges you’ve faced on the job?

PE: As with any job, you are going to have your fair share of ups and downs. As a recruiter, I'm constantly learning and navigating through new situations. Not hearing back from a candidate, not receiving positive, glowing interview feedback, or candidates declining offers are my least favorite part of my job.

Another challenge is receiving unpleasant feedback on a profile or after an interview—no one likes to feel rejection. At the end of the day, I have to have peace of mind knowing I did my best to help and I try to focus on the lesson I have learned from the experience (and celebrate a new connection that I’ve made).

Q: Why did I become a recruiter?

PE: Believe it or not, I started in the staffing and agency world back when temp agencies and placement services were still popular. I worked full and part time in agencies while going to school. Years later, a dear friend offered me a Recruiting Assistant/Branch Coordinator contract position, and I have not looked back since. I’ve also always had an affinity for technology. Throwing it back again, too, to the days of big, thick user guides/manuals for various software programs and tools.

As a recruiter, I get the privilege of highlighting our company and the things I love and appreciate about Sogeti while also getting the opportunity to literally change people’s lives. I also love the competitive aspect of recruiting--you can blame that on all the hours intensely playing Monopoly and Scattergories in addition to now being a soccer and gaming mom.  

Q: What are some qualities a recruiter or should possess?

PE: Kindness and treating others the way you would like to be treated is key. I focus on what type of candidate experience I would appreciate and that is how I like to treat my candidates. It all starts with creating, building and maintaining relationships. I am open, honest, and transparent with my candidates.

Additionally, it is important for a recruiter to be target-driven, confident, a good communicator and relationship builder in addition to having great time management. Organizational, multitasking and problem solving skills.  

Most importantly, you should have a passion for people and helping!