Matt Appleton

You’re In Control of Your Career at Sogeti

Engagement Manager Matt Appleton shares how Sogeti gives you the tools to own your career.

Name: Matt Appleton
Role: Engagement Manager
Practice: Applications & Cloud Technologies 
City: Pittsburgh
Joined Sogeti: 2019

My life at Sogeti can be a roller coaster, but in the best way. As the lead for a 24x7 engagement with a client going through a major acquisition, no day is the same, and you have to be ready for anything at any time. I LOVE that while I may have plans for how a day or week is going to go, the very nature of my current engagement will make every day a bit different and present new challenges.

My current client is going through a period of transition, which not only makes every day different, but the pace at which everyone changes has accelerated. There are lots of new faces to meet, and I find it fun to keep up with the integration effort the fast-paced environment.

I try to differentiate myself by being able to blend business (budgeting, cost analysis, etc.) with IT solutions to deliver the best solutions possible for my customers.  This approach has allowed me to just about double the size of my team and expand into several new areas, driving more opportunities for us at Sogeti. I value having strong relationships with my stakeholders, which helps to build trust in the solutions I manage and propose to improve the overall business.

As a consultant, it’s so important to understand what your client needs, where they’re going, how you can get them there, and how that aligns to your skillset. At Sogeti, you’ll have all of the opportunities you need to upskill for the future, and it is fantastic way to be strategic with your career trajectory while consistently increasing the quality of delivery you provide. My client had no cloud infrastructure, but I knew that this would be important for their future. So, I looked for certifications and trainings that would be relevant.

For example, I received my Azure certification after attending several of Sogeti’s Microsoft workshops.  As a direct result of this certification, I was able to help my customer move to a hybrid cloud environment.  I also have received my Engagement Manager Level 1 certification since joining Sogeti, which helped me better meet the demands of my position.

I’ve learned how to continually improve my communication skills so that I can work better with a global delivery team. I’ve also worked on mentoring the junior team members to help them up-skill and continue to improve their IT skillset. Additionally, the whole team ensure that no one is left behind, and all contribute to group skills. This helped me see a new level in team management and make sure everyone is empowered to do their best.

Our company promise, “Get the Future You Want,” means that I’m in control of my career. Sogeti is a company that cares about its people and makes sure they have what they need to be successful. It’s great to know that the company values and supports my goals and where I want to go in my career.

I continually look forward to that the next level of success, and planning for how to reach that goal. I enjoy working with clients and hope I can continue that in a larger capacity (multiple clients\projects, etc.) as I continue to grow.

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    Matt Appleton
    Engagement Manager