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We’re Like a Legion

Azure Architect Luke Badgerow discusses how Sogeti has given him the confidence to expand his career.

Name: Luke Badgerow
Role: Senior Manager, Azure Architect
Practice: Applications & Cloud Technologies
City: Cincinnati
Joined Sogeti: 2009

All roads are open to me as a Sogetian.  If as a developer, I want to grow the depth of my skills and become an expert on, let’s say machine learning, I know that Sogeti will provide me with the resources and assistance I need to gain that experience and then the avenue for me to demonstrate and share that experience with my colleagues and our clients.

I originally joined Sogeti’s Southwest Ohio unit as a Senior Developer focusing on Microsoft technology stacks (initially on-premises), and I was hoping to broaden my experience.  Obviously, the expansion of Azure as a platform created a gigantic opportunity for me to expand my full-stack offerings into solution architecture. 

Since I’ve been here, I’ve been able to find opportunities with clients that reinforced my growth and helped me continue to expand my knowledge and experience. I’ve learned how to ramp up on new technologies very quickly, to get close to the front of that adoption curve, and be able to pick the next thing coming.

Working at Sogeti has given me the confidence to tackle larger technical challenges than I would have before joining.  My current role is focused on growing a strategy to increase our excellence in delivering solutions on Microsoft’s Azure platform by building an Azure Center of Excellence.  We’re getting the opportunity to connect with teammates across our region to hear the struggles that they are facing and help them develop solutions for them.

Through this project, I’m improving my soft skills, I’m improving the way I communicate about the very technical ways in which we use and interact with various Azure offerings so that it is easily understandable to our non-technical colleagues.

I have also built some of the best professional relationships of my 20-year career with my teammates here, and I owe a lot of my success to their support. I love my team, and I am genuinely grateful for the people around me and with my leadership.  It sounds like a cliché, but the trust that is placed on us to deliver client delight is super motivating.

I had recently transitioned onto a new team at a client when my family suffered the loss of a family member.  The new team was amazingly supportive through that process.  Even though many of those teammates have now left Sogeti, we are still close today and I am grateful for the years that I was able to work with them.

We’re like a legion.  When I first joined Sogeti, our tagline was “local touch, global reach.” To me, that’s exactly what our culture is; locally we have great and tight communities of practice, and those communities are backed by national and global team for everything from education to delivery. Our leadership will 100% match the energy and effort that we put into our own development. 

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  • luke badgerow
    Luke Badgerow
    Senior Manager and Azure Architect