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I Really Wanted to Make an Impact

Lauren Krzes, one of Sogeti’s best recruiters, talks about her passion for recruiting and how to catch the eye of a Sogeti recruiter.

Name: Lauren Krzes 
Role: Recruiter 
Location: Houson 
Joined Sogeti: October 2012

Before I worked at Sogeti, I worked in staffing, which is more focused on hiring talent for short-term roles. I love recruiting because I’m hiring talent for more permanent roles within Sogeti, so I actually to get to work with the people that I hire.  So, I feel like I have a chance to shape the culture at Sogeti when I hire someone who is a great fit for our company.

I see the difference that top talent can make in our organization and how it can transform the way we do business. For example, I actually hired my Geographic Vice President in as an account executive. She obviously made a great impression and exceeded expectations since she was promoted into this exciting new role. That motivates me, and I love that part of my job.

Networking, though, is my favorite part of my job. I love getting to meet so many new people. My parents always encouraged me to do something that comes naturally to me and being social is something that's comes naturally to me. It’s pretty cool that my job is literally meeting people all day long.

I’m also really passionate about college hiring. Whenever I do career fairs and college interviews, there is just a different enthusiasm and eagerness there that is refreshing.  There’s a difference between recruiting an experienced professionals and college grads.

Career fairs are always fun for me because I get to share why I love Sogeti so much. You are more or less doing the same kind spiel, but I do notice that the college hires are excited about the two-week training that we offer our new hires. They’re also excited when they hear about some of the clients that we work with because we have a lot of big names. And a lot of our clients are usually at these career fairs as well. So that’s another selling point.

The job search process can be frustrating, and I like helping people to navigate that process.  LinkedIn is a great tool to optimize the way that you are selling your skills and talent to the world.

When I’m looking for people to reach out to someone on LinkedIn, one of the first things I look out for are tenured people. We definitely want people at Sogeti who will stay here; that’s why we have people here who have been with us for decades. We like to invest in people who want to stay.

I also look for profiles that are brief and to the point. You don’t necessarily need a full-length resume on your profile; just highlight the technical skills that you have worked on and want to work on. If you’re pursing a certification of any kind, you should make sure to put that on there. Demonstrating that you are willing to learn new technologies and skills is a big plus.


  • Lauren Krzes Headshot
    Lauren Krzes