Our Dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility is an Important Part of Being a Sogetian

Esther Anderson, a Senior Consultant in our Digital Transformation practice, discusses her passion for giving back to her community.

Name: Esther Anderson
Role: Senior Consultant
Practice: Digital Transformation
Location: South West Ohio
Joined Sogeti: 2014

Corporate Social Responsibility is one way of representing Sogeti in an attractive way. It helps people see our brand in the best possible light, and they can learn that there is more to be a Sogetian than our IT expertise.

I initially got involved in my unit’s CSR activities because I wanted to become more involved in the Sogeti culture. When you’re with a client for so long, there’s always a risk going native and becoming more ingrained in the client’s culture. So, to get to know other Sogetians, I began attending the unit’s community service events.

MY GVP is great because she is always looking for champions for different roles to break up the work a bit and give consultants their time to shine. So, when I found out that they were looking for someone to be a CSR champion for our unit, I jumped at the chance because I had already been attending so many of the community service events anyway. 

We are heavily involved in Sogeti USA’s Summer of Service program, but we also like to do events throughout the year. It’s such a great way to get together. So, as the unit’s champion, I coordinate with the different organizations and set everything up for the event or project.   

We have done some really amazing projects. One of my favorites is the golf outing that we have in August, which goes to support Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. We’re also looking to do a greeting exchange for the children at the hospital as well.

I like to change it up a bit so that we can continue to find new organizations to support. In November, we’ll be doing a radiothon with K99.1 where we will help man the phone bank and the proceeds will go to Dayton Children’s Hospital.

Another big one for us is when serve meals at the Ronald McDonald House. This is a great one because we get to come together as a team to make meals for parents and kids that are dealing with illness. And as they are coming through the line, they ask who we’re with and we tell them that we work at Sogeti.

A lot of times when people are walking through the line, they ask who is Sogeti. So, we get to tell them a little bit about who we are, and it’s nice that we can show our passion through these community service events.

I’ve always been involved with a lot of community service through my church, and it’s great that I get to continue that work through my job.  

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    Esther Anderson
    Senior Consultant