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Technology Never Fails to Amaze Me

Dramil Dodeja, a senior cloud architect based in Phoenix, discusses how his passion for technology has led to a career at Sogeti.

Name: Dramil Dodeja
Role: Senior Architect (AWS and Azure)
Practice: Applications & Cloud Technologies
City: Phoenix
Joined Sogeti: 2020

When I’m asked why I chose this field, the answer is simple – technology has never failed to amaze me. have been passionate about technology for as long as I can remember, so it wasn’t a difficult decision to study engineering.

One of my favorite things about technology is that it involves problem solving, which is a challenge I have always loved—from completing puzzles at home to programming at university. The potential for technology in the next 10 years fascinates me, and it’s exciting to know that working in technology will allow me to take my career in any direction.

Specifically, cloud technologies are in high demand and working in the Applications & Cloud Technologies practice at Sogeti gives you a chance to work in a variety of roles where you can succeed. You could be working at a client as a cloud research scientist, cloud practitioner, solution architect, or developer, giving you an incredible range of career possibilities.

I can recall a specific day in my career with remarkable clarity—remarkable because this happened well over a decade ago when I was a relatively fresh-faced software engineer J My manager called me in for a chat, and he said something that stopped me in my tracks.

“Do you want to follow the technical track or the management track in your career?”


I remember panicking. On an otherwise unremarkable morning, I had unexpectedly come to a crossroads in my career.  Did I want the organizational clout and higher paychecks of management? Or would I stick with the technical stuff that I so loved?

Of course, this turned out to be a comical overreaction on my part. My answer didn’t in any way bind me for life. But it did get me thinking about software architecture as my career path.

In my current role, I am leading cultural change for cloud adoption, developing cloud architecture for software platforms or applications, and developing a cloud strategy while coordinating the adoption process. In many cases, I am solely responsible for communicating with vendors to negotiate third-party contracts for hardware, software, and other cloud technologies.

For example, at my client, a Fortune 500 insurance company, we took their infrastructure and applications to serverless platform of AWS Cloud. Our work has helped the client to quickly bring new products and capabilities to market.

I have also learned a lot about executing a perfect strategy to meet the needs of the client's business by drawing on the latest standards, buying promising solutions, tailoring them to gain differentiation, and optimizing those solutions for speed and flexibility in order to consistently deliver best-in-class solutions.

It’s been a great experience working at Sogeti. I feel the business poses me with fresh challenges and terrific learning opportunities every day. The environment is ideal for someone who thrives on complexity, who takes initiative, and who communicates well with technical collaborators. The leadership team also empowers you and gives you a fantastic liberty to challenge how things are done. You can step up and drive that change, too, if you have the chops.

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  • dramil dodeja
    Dramil Dodeja
    Senior Cloud Architect