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I Have Autonomy and the Support of a Great Team

David Sutherin, Sogeti’s IT Security Officer who is based at the Corporate office in Dayton, discusses what keeps him excited to come to work every day.

Name: David Sutherin 
Role: IT Security Officer 
Location: Dayton - Sogeti Corporate Office 
Joined Sogeti: 2019 

After spending several years working as a cybersecurity analyst for a commercial consulting firm, I was approached by one of Sogeti’s recruiters about an opening as Sogeti’s IT Security Officer. Taking on the challenge of orchestrating the company’s information security program seemed like a great opportunity to not only advance my career but also take on a new challenge.  

After a string of interviews with the recruiter, IT manager, and GVP, I felt even more excited about this role with Sogeti. Shortly after, I was offered the position and promptly accepted!

Information security is a broad field which requires knowledge about many different computing disciplines, especially at the level of the security officer. Network security, system administration, vulnerability management, policy development, employee awareness training, and contract reviews all became part of my purview. I had experience in many of these areas prior to starting at Sogeti, but the incredible breadth of topics made my first few days at Sogeti feel overwhelming. And I knew I had to get a comprehensive view of the company’s IT estate before I could be of any use.

Fortunately, I’ve had the chance to work with an incredibly supportive and knowledgeable IT team who helped me get my bearings. Once I had my head on straight, I began collaborating with the IT manager to determine the direction we would take the IT security program.

During the first month, we identified problem areas and developed a comprehensive game plan for the coming year. Since then, we have been knocking out project after project, which has made Sogeti, its employees, and its customers more secure.

I’ve been incredibly satisfied by the work I do here. I have the autonomy to decide where to focus my efforts and the support of a great team to see projects through to fruition. My work constantly challenges me, so there’s rarely a dull day! We are continually devising new and exciting projects which promote my professional development while supporting the company’s mission by securing the information and systems it depends on.

I’m passionate about the field of information security, and I feel that Sogeti has been a great fit for me. Flexibility, opportunity, and new challenges on a daily basis keep me coming back each day excited to get to work!

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    David Sutherin
    IT Security Officer