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Before Sogeti, I Knew Nothing About UX

Brianna Johnson, a consultant in our Experience & Innovation practice (formerly Digital Transformation) who is based in Austin, discusses the perks of being a Sogetian and why she’s grateful for her counselor.

Name: Brianna Johnson 
Role: Consultant 
Practice: Experience & Innovation  
Location: Austin 
Joined Sogeti: 2018

I was first introduced to Sogeti when I was at the Baylor Career Fair. I spoke with a consultant who described the Sogeti mindset as being locally based and focused on growing the skills of employees, which I found to be interesting. I was looking for a company that would invest in me as much as I invest in them, and I felt that I’d found that with Sogeti.   

Another thing about Sogeti that appealed to me was the counselor program. As a new college graduated, it was super important to me to have a person to provide guidance as I started my career and that’s already proven useful to me.  My counselor said she saw real promise in me to become a UX designer and I spent first year at Sogeti working as a UX designer for a client.

From there she spent the rest of the year taking me to UX events around Austin and introducing me to other UX designers. These meetups have helped me to sharpen my UX skills as I get the chance to shaped my UX skills and helped me growth in my career. 

Sogeti has really invested a lot of time and effort in helping me become a UX designer. Before I worked at Sogeti, I had no idea what UX was, but I have always had a creative side and wanted to find a way to use that creativity in the tech space. I’m so thankful that my counselor saw promise in me as a UX designer because I think it’s the perfect fit for me career-wise.

Working as a consultant suits me as I am the type that can easily become uninterested or bored after a long period of time of doing the same thing. Being able to switch clients, technologies, and projects has really helped and has kept me on my toes. Currently, I’m ATO which means I’m waiting to be placed on a client. While ATO I have enjoyed the time to study for the SAFe certification, participate on sales pursuits to learn how new projects happen, and to catch up on case studies from past projects. 

Sogeti recently sponsored a table at the Texas Business Women Conference here in Austin. I had the pleasure of being selected to attend with eight other women from Sogeti. At the conference, we heard from women all around the world on being a successful woman in the business world. It was so special to hear from the other businesswoman and learn techniques to lead with strength and kindness. 

Sogeti definitely provides plenty of opportunities for career development and growth. As you start getting invested into your work, be open to learn more, get certifications, and expand your skill sets. You never know what skill you will need as you progress in your career. 

My counselor has been pushing me to think about how I envision my future and where I want my career and personal life to go. I’m struggling to vision what five or 10 years may look like, but one thing for sure is I’d like to start a family with my husband and buy our first house soon🎉

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    Brianna Johnson