Sogeti Gave Me a Chance to Prove Myself

Cincinnati-Based Digital Transformation Consultant Amy Desai writes about career beginning and finding her perfect career match.

Name: Amy Desai 
Role: Consultant 
Practice: Digital Transformation 
Location: Cincinnati 
Joined Sogeti: 2018

A great piece of advice that I would give to someone at the beginning of their career is to absorb everything. Often with early career jobs, you are given tasks that you feel aren’t exactly related to what your career goals are.

It’s best to take these types of tasks as learning experiences and learn the skills required to perform them well. Skills are easily transferrable, and you never know how they can be applied to a future task that is related to your career goals. Learn, learn, learn – that's all I can say!

I was initially drawn to Sogeti because of its great reputation as a leader in the industry in addition to winning lots of praise and awards for its ethical behavior. This is important in every environment but especially a corporate environment where having management and peers behave ethically makes an employee feel safe and valued. That was a high priority for me when I was looking for a career.

I also feel that I’ve been really lucky that Sogeti gave me a chance to prove myself in a role that I had less than a year of experience in. Based on my knowledge and willingness to learn, I was able to move into my role quickly and learned a lot in a short amount of time through the help of mentors at Sogeti.

My current role allows me to collaborate with several teams and work alongside people of varying experience levels. I love being able to gain exposure to different projects as well as work with different personalities. I’ve always been extremely social and being in this role has allowed me to use that to my advantage.

I love working in the Digital Transformation practice because I get a chance to work with the newest technologies and innovations. For example, one of my major projects was to work on an app for a consumer goods company that helps consumers choose the right products for their hair type. To be able to work on something so unique was a great experience for me, and I look forward to continuing to use technology to solve problems in unique ways.

In the future, I would like to expand on my agile skills by gaining exposure to a product owner role or moving into an Agile coach role. I would like to combine my skills of working in teams and being social with my interest and knowledge of Scrum/Agile concepts.

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    Amy Desai