I’m a Technologist at Heart

Superstar Sogetian Scott Warren, AWS National Solution Architect and Senior Manager in our Applications and Cloud Technologies practice, talks about why he loves his job.

Name: Scott Warren
Role: Senior Manager and AWS National Solution Architect
Location: Iowa
Practice: Applications and Cloud Technologies
Joined Sogeti: 2016

There are so many things that I enjoy about my job at Sogeti.  What I enjoy most is getting to talk to new and potential customers about their cloud journey, what roadblocks they face, and where they need help. I love what I do at Sogeti because I get to come up with cool solutions to help our customers solve their problems.

One of the major factors that drew me to Sogeti was that I would get an opportunity to work on the latest and greatest in cutting-edge technologies while also being able to work across multiple industries. We deal with such a wide variety of clients that there’s an opportunity to work for clients in healthcare, financial services, life sciences, and more.  

During my first year at Sogeti, I had the opportunity to work with a large agricultural client to help them transform their on-premise enterprise onto the AWS cloud. I spent that year focused on making sure that this was successful. Now, I’m focused on finding ways to optimize that project by finding ways for additional cost savings and discovering new services and offerings in the cloud.

This was such an awesome project to work on and it’s exactly what I came to Sogeti to do (and it’s something that I think I’m good at 😊). It was one of the largest native development and re-platforming projects that Sogeti has done on AWS, so it was a big deal for the customer and for us. It was great to be part of such an important project.

I truly love being a part of this company, especially the Applications & Cloud Technologies practice. The national leadership really gets it. They know we need training so that consultants are up on the latest technologies. They also have a good understanding on how to get us in with the right clients where we can put our expertise to good use.

The ACT practice community at large is great to work with. Everyone’s willing to jump in and help, whether it’s a tech screen or a referral for an open position. If you send out an email asking for help, within 10 minute you will have tons of responses offering to support you.

I also feel like Sogeti has put me in a position to succeed. When I was considering joining Sogeti, somebody told me during the interview process that your career here is going to be what you make of it. We truly embrace the entrepreneurial spirit. If you’re driven, creative, and want to succeed, the opportunities will be there for you.

I’m an example of that.

In just a couple of years here, I’ve been proud of what I’ve achieved here. In 2017, I was named an Amazon Partner Ambassador, a true honor as there are only 50 of us in the world. We are non-AWS employees who are evangelists for the AWS cloud. We get access to sneak peaks of new offerings and free trainings, and we get to work with Amazon’s product teams to provide feedback on new services. That was a definite highlight of my time at Sogeti.

Your career at Sogeti is going to be what you make of it. We’re going to give you every opportunity in the world to succeed and go really far becoming the best Sogetian you can be. There’s a lot of people at Sogeti who are really good at their job and willing to help you. It’s fully up to you how much you want to buy into that: how hard you want to work, how above and beyond you want to go. But the sky is the limit at Sogeti.


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    Scott Warren
    Senior Manager, Applications & Cloud Technology