April 29, 2021, 12-1 PM EDT

Continuous Testing for SAP DevOps

Faster, Smarter... Accelerate your SAP release cycles through continuous testing

SAP applications represent the digital core of many organizations’ enterprise IT landscapes. Quarterly releases have been the typical heartbeat of change for years – until now. As SAP ramps up its release frequency, companies can no longer rely on manual testing to manage their Quality Assurance. Sogeti and Tricentis will discuss how a continuous testing paradigm powered by intelligent test automation helps to assure more frequent changes, from more sources within and beyond the SAP core.

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Ideas in Action

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When:  April 29, 2021, 12-1 PM EDT

The days of SAP applications being delivered as monolithic packages are over. No longer the lone star, SAP is the core of a broader digital universe and enterprises must seamlessly integrate its frequent updates with all their other systems and business processes. And with changes now coming from a variety of sources – IOT and mobile devices – this requires a QA strategy refresh towards continuous testing for SAP DevOps with intelligent test automation at the heart of the strategy.

Join us as Sogeti and Tricentis discuss the impact of this refreshed QA strategy favoring the new SAP ecosystem of cloud-based applications and more frequent updates.

This event will turn the spotlight on the implications for SAP clients as they pursue agility and faster time-to-market to support Digital Transformation. We will look at the tools and approaches for mitigating the potential business impact of frequent changes in today’s complex process landscape.

Virtual discussion

Sogeti’s VP Digital Assurance & Testing Stefan Gerstner will moderate the discussion as our experts consider what is changing – and why you should care. They will offer their observations on the role of automated end-to-end regression testing for critical business processes. And they’ll ask what it takes to ensure frequent changes to business applications do not negatively impact key business processes.

Sogeti will talk about the need for SAP clients to move away from a more traditional Quality Assurance approach to SAP Business Assurance through continuous testing. We will discuss:

  • How companies can manage the complexity of continuous change at an ever-increasing speed.
  • Why a ‘think automation early’ approach and development of an automation strategy in line with business priorities and risk are so important.
  • Which steps to take to create a future-proof SAP Business Assurance solution.

At Sogeti we know how to get the best value from technology - it's our passion. With over four decades of SAP Experience, we have the Most Qualified and best educated workforce serving 1300 SAP clients globally. Jeba Abraham and Kyle Abraham will offer their points of view on the QA strategy refresh towards SAP DevOps.

Tricentis, SAP’s preferred test automation tool provider, will describe the tools and approaches needed to answer:

  • What to test?
  • How to automate?
  • How do you ensure a peak performance?

The Tricentis AI-driven, end-to-end continuous testing platform speeds up SAP testing. Dani Do Valle will offer his perspective on the role it is playing in Digital Transformation programs worldwide.


Meet our Leading International Experts

Stefan Gerstner

VP Digital Assurance and Testing Services at Sogeti

Jeba Abraham

Regional Practice Leader, Digital Assurance & Quality Engineering at Sogeti

Kyle Abraham

Regional Practice Leader, Digital Assurance & Quality Engineering at Sogeti

Dani Do Valle

Senior Solution Architect at Tricentis


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