Sogeti US Executive Summit


Infinite Creativity for the Challenges of the 21st Century

Spring 2021

Registration Coming Soon

We’re looking forward to hosting you at our next Executive Summit.  We are currently finalizing the details of our spring session and will let you know as soon as registration is open.  

Contact your Sogeti Business Development Executive if you have any questions or would like more information.

Event Overview


Over the past decade, and even the past few months, our world has radically changed.  In fact, we can confidently say that we have now reached an important turning point in our history with fundamental shifts still emerging with our economy, health, society, and more.

But with great change comes great opportunities. Machine creativity is now reinforcing human creativity, making nothing impossible.

Our next Sogeti US Executive Summit will focus on how you can fully unleash this new creativity, both human and machine, establishing a new form of human-computer collaboration.


This unique event will feature industry-leading entrepreneurs, academics, artists, and technologists to inspire you, spark new ideas, and challenge assumptions about how these new innovations will change our world and businesses.  We’ll dive into important questions such as:

  1. How do organizations today activate and accelerate their hidden creative powers?
  2. How can we apply machine creativity in a fearless manner?
  3. Can technology, after being one of the origins of multiple crises, be the solution to our problems?
  4. Where will we be in 2030, and what does the road ahead look like?

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2019 Executive Summit:   Utopia for Beginners

As a digital chief focused on delivering digital transformation, we sometimes forget to dream and explore.

Part of the success in the digital age is keeping the chief exploration officer in you awake. After all, digital transformation is first and foremost a journey of exploration—discovering uncharted new territories.

Right:   Video of 2019 Summit in Chicago, Illinois





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Kelly Maroney
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