Sogeti Labs

SogetiLabs is a network of over 110 technology leaders from Sogeti worldwide. SogetiLabs covers a wide range of digital technology expertise: from embedded software, cyber security, simulation, and cloud to business information management, mobile apps, analytics, testing, and the Internet of Things. The focus is always on leveraging technologies, systems and applications in actual business situations to maximize results. SogetiLabs provides insight, research, and inspiration through articles, presentations, and videos that can be downloaded via the extensive SogetiLabs presence on its website, online portals, and social media.

Take a look below at some of the distinguished Sogeti USA members of SogetiLabs.

Matt Elmore, Manager - Software Development & Integration

“SogetiLabs takes thought leadership and collaboration to a higher level. It challenges me to push beyond my area of expertise and explore all areas of technology. SogetiLabs can be a key differentiator with our clients when we allow it to be. I’m honored to be a part of this group of industry leaders.”


Michael Pumper, Manager - Digital Transformation

“SogetiLabs is important because it highlights the “global reach” part of Sogeti’s mantra. It brings people from Sogeti global into a single group of individuals who teach, learn, and collaborate on cutting-edge technology and concepts. It’s a very exciting thing to be a part of.”

Nihar Shah, Client Partner - Abercrombie & Fitch

“Sogeti Labs brings together the thought leaders within Sogeti and provides a collaborative forum for me to keep up with the latest trends in various aspects of technology. To be considered a part of this community has been a great learning experience.”

Sergio Compean, Manager, IoT/Cloud/Mobile Architect - Digital Transformation

“SogetiLabs is an integral part of the Sogeti story for customers looking for key differentiation, thought leadership, and value delivery. SogetiLabs takes an innovator's perspective by nurturing that entrepreneurial energy into a platform for execution to help clients turn ideas into real advantage and business growth. SogetiLabs also has an important role in developing readiness for the next market trends. Every day has the potential to turn a blank sheet of digital paper into the next big thing!”     

Andrew Winn, National Solution Architect – DevOps

“I am really excited for the opportunity to expand my overall knowledge by being involved with Sogeti Labs.  It is an amazing opportunity to be recognized by my peers to be part of this wonderful group of people, who have already demonstrated that they are thought leaders within our industry.”

Joo Lee, National PVP - Digital Transformation

“I was honored to be invited to join SogetiLabs as a Fellow and am continually amazed by the brilliant and passionate colleagues with whom I collaborate around the globe.  It is a privilege to be a part of a group that leverages the power of our unique DNA to solve the most complex challenges our clients are facing today.”

David Yancey, Sr. Manager - Digital Transformation Manager

“SogetiLabs is important to us as a company because it gives us an opportunity to establish ourselves as thought leaders within our industry and distinguish ourselves from our competitors.  As an individual, being a SogetiLabs member drives me to constantly be looking for ways to improve myself and stay on the bleeding edge of technology.”

Martin Kastenbaum, Senior Manager, Business Applications Solution Lead – Custom Application Development

“I was invited to be a member of SogetiLabs two years ago. Since then I have had the chance to exchange ideas with some of Sogeti's most talented and innovative people. SogetiLabs is where the future of Sogeti is made and it is an honor to be part of it.”