World Quality Report 2021-22

A new realism in QA.

Key take-aways

  • Focus on what matters. The emphasis should be on the customer experience and on business objectives, and on meeting needs in these areas with efficiency and speed. The focus is shifting from IT quality to production quality.
  • Standardize the use of test automation in QA, and use it from end to end. An automation-first approach in software quality delivery should now be the norm across all QA activities.
  • Stop talking about AI and ML, and start doing. Smart technologies are expected to transform quality engineering, so it’s imperative to begin the journey now.
  • Emphasize the availability of test environments and test data. Investment in real-time environment and data availability solutions should continue to be a focus within the organizational strategy.
  • Get management buy-in for intelligent industry initiatives. It’s a given that leadership backing facilitates change – so demonstrate feasibility, and quantify potential outcomes.

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The 13th edition of the World Quality Report identifies a welcome increase of positivity in the world of Quality Assurance. Acceleration in Quality transformation is visible across the board, directly attributing to the resilience shown by the IT and Quality teams in the face of COVID crisis.

This has been a year of steady and encouraging progress with a new sense of reality, not just a new normal. IT teams were able to overcome challenges due to the COVID crisis with relative ease and transition to remote working in distributed virtual teams happened effectively.

What’s more, the importance of quality assurance has been reinforced: our survey sample of 1,750 CIOs and senior tech leaders emphasizes the value of testing than ever before, and the onward march towards digitization ensuring quality with seamless customer experience is of the utmost priority.

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