Utopia for Executives

Utopia for Executives - Digital Happiness #4

Welcome to the post-technology era.

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Following ‘The Happiness Advantage’, ‘In Code We Trust’ and 'The Synthetic Generation', the last report in the SogetiLabs Digital Happiness series, ‘Utopia for Executives’, interviews some of the world’s thought leaders in the fields of technology, society, ethics, happiness and wellbeing.

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Reaching your Utopia

Looking back at history we’ve seen amazing technologies changing our world. Canals, trains, rails, steel, automobiles, the internet: it brought opportunities and prosperity and catalyzed new dreams. But not in straight lines. At first, it’s all about the technology instalment and how (few) people gain from this techno bubble. Then it’s about benefits for all and societal changes.

It happens after a ‘turning point’, as Carlota Perez calls it. We’re at such a turning point right now. It’s a time of confusion. Conventions are broken. Populism and new ideologies are trending. From this point on we progress. New rules coming from our Utopian dreams will guide our society into a new phase. Collective ideas that have been bubbling in society for a long time, now take the lead.

Find out how empathy and happiness can steer the modern organization towards Utopia

The report takes us on a journey of discovery. Each visionary interviewed for the report offers insight into the technology and culture shifts that organizations must respond to. How? By turning their focus from balance sheets and profit margins to having a purpose defined by a desire for the better good – of society and our planet.

The report identifies five shifts that will take organizations forward to this new purpose:

  • Shift 1: From laissez fair to government intervention
  • Shift 2: From planet inequality to the planet roles in the core of business
  • Shift 3: From data inequality to friendly market conversations
  • Shift 4: From labor inequality to purpose economies that scale
  • Shift 5: From global inequality to glocal community building


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