Infinite Machine Creativity

Rethink creativity in the era of Artificial Intelligence.

Machines and humans creating together. Driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The new Infinite Machine Creativity report from Sogeti discusses and illustrates a new way to accelerate innovation. One that rests on a fascinating technology development known as Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs).

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From dreams to reality

Scientists say we need dreams to process our impressions. Computers, on the other hand, have nothing to process and therefore have no need to dream. But what if a computer could be ‘made’ to dream? To compose music? To create art?

Step forward Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). This new form of generative AI is a technological breakthrough that’s creating waves in areas as diverse as scientific research, biotechnology and fashion design. Imagine a 10-year drug development cycle being reduced to just months. The report describes how one biotech company has done just that using GANs. It’s early days, but the future looks bright for machine creativity.

Find out how AI-driven GANs are enabling new ways to generate creative ideas


The report asks whether computers will ultimately negate the need for human creativity. Or whether a combination of humans and computers is the true future of innovation. Are computers ‘really’ creative or are they simply using algorithms and machine learning to do what humans are already doing – only significantly faster?

The report digs into the technology evolution behind GANs, describes diverse use cases, and draws 15 conclusions, including the following:

  • GANs can master laws such as quantum physics or traditional physics, bringing new scientific discoveries within reach.
  • GANs make hidden knowledge visible and point us to things that need to be investigated further. They help us to use people’s creative abilities in the right way.
  • Generating a synthetic dataset that replaces real data allows systems to be tested without the risk of privacy issues and sensitive data ending up on the street.
  • GANs play a role in the more efficient detection of defects, in predicting where problems will arise (predictive maintenance) and in preventing mistakes through simulations .

Discover what impact machine creativity might have on today’s CIOs and why they now need to become Chief Creativity Officer as well.

Read all 15 conclusions and find out more about Infinite Machine Creativity by downloading the report below.


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