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From UX to CX

Rethinking the Digital User Experience as a Collaborative Exchange.

The report, 'From UX to CX: Rethinking the Digital User Experience as a Collaborative Exchange’, is part of a six-year collaboration between Capgemini Consulting and the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy to help organizations succeed in digital transformation and provide best practices.

This new form of collaborative customer exchange has two main dimensions – the active participation of customers along an organization’s value chain and the extraction of more information at every touchpoint to target and personalize the offering.

  • The Participation Market centers on how firms drive value by sharing internal activities while simultaneously satisfying a customer need. Firms that have started to collaborate with customers have found that they want to engage, want to provide their expertise, and appreciate being asked.
  • The Information Market centers on how brands deliver value by leveraging information they have directly or indirectly gathered. Similarly, if the information is used to benefit the customer or offer a personalized experience, customers will be willing to provide personal data.   


Four archetypes for Collaborative Customer Exchanges emerge at the intersection of the two dimensions that will help firms design successful collaboration exchanges.

  • Hosts gather information about their users by opening up their value chain to shared participation
  • Companions work alongside their customer so that the shared participation and user information is leveraged to change Customer Experience
  • Advisors leverage information about their customers but retain tight control of participation
  • Directors provide services based on controlled customer participation and gathered information 

To create a successful exchange, both organization and customer must be willing to give up some control to allow positive participation and information sharing. Understanding the two-way flow of engagement and how customers benefit from the exchange is an essential part of cultivating a collaborative exchange. Customer engagement must be understood not only in terms of amount or value extracted by the organization, but by the lived experience of the consumer. Getting the balance right is key to create a win-win exchange. 


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  • Bhavik Rao
    Bhavik Rao
    VP of Digital Transformation