Design to Disrupt 3

Design to Disrupt #3 - Blockchain: cryptoplatform for a friction-free economy

This third Design to Disrupt report, "Blockchain: cryptoplatform for a frictionless economy” is devoted to an entirely new design principle. It outlines the potential impact of blockchain, a new way of organizing trust in the presence of unreliable parties.

It owes its current fame to the currency, the bitcoin, in particular, but the cryptographic capacities of the network can be deployed in a variety of other ways. It is a special kind of platform, which in its turn is a basis for numerous other platforms − in other words, a platform for platforms. Particularly in the financial sector, the eyes are increasingly focused on the blockchain. If you are not familiar with this subject yet, you may easily fall under the spell of the fascinating and fast-growing crypto-environments. We outline its relevance for organizations in three steps: the crypto-economy 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0.

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