COVID-19 and the age of the contactless customer experience

Winning the trust of consumers in a no-touch world

A touchless tomorrow is not just a remote possibility

This pandemic has had an indelible effect on consumer behavior, notably shifting priorities towards health and safety. That’s why the Capgemini Research Institute is releasing a series of research notes with pragmatic guidance on how organizations can take action on the things that matter in the wake of COVID-19.

Previously, we focused on how this pandemic affected consumer behavior in the financial sector. This time, for COVID-19 and the age of the contactless customer experience – Winning the trust of consumers in a no-touch world, we look at how our desire to minimize physical contact is driving demand for contactless interaction.

We spoke with more than 4,800 consumers and over 950 executives from 12 major economies to understand how organizations can redesign the customer experience to meet this new demand, whether the demand for touchless interactions will outlast this pandemic, and how organizations should tackle consumer concerns about data security and privacy.

People are reassessing the way they interact with organizations, demanding a whole new type of remote customer experience. In fact, 62% of consumers expect to increase their use of touchless technologies once this crisis subsides. Organizations should therefore focus on emerging technologies such as vocal interfaces, facial recognition, and mobile-based applications while addressing critical concerns over data privacy and security with fair and transparent policies.

As we navigate this unprecedented crisis together, we hope that these research notes shed some light on contactless customer experience. For more information, contact us. Most importantly, be well and focus on what matters to you.



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