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New app for Teradata improves customer experience

Teradata is a Global leader in Data Warehousing, Big Analytic Technologies, and Data Driven Marketing

Client Challenge

When Teradata is notified of an incident at one of their client sites, a Field Service Representative is dispatched. Previously, this representative would perform the service, taking notes on what actions were required and the timeframe in which the issue was resolved. Then they would log into a browser-based PC application to report back and close the ticket. With this system, the representative would often have to wait until they were in a place with WiFi—or even at home—before they could complete the task. Teradata needed a solution that would enable real-time updates to incident progress and status from anywhere, at anytime.

Sogeti’s Solution

Our teams spent 4 weeks defining requirements and drafting the SOW. By working directly with Teradata representatives, we were able to help determine functionality and decide which design path (mobile web, cross-platform, or native) would best meet their goals. Together we decided on a native app for both iOS and Android that allowed representatives to perform all steps in their incident management process from accepting to closing incidents. Additionally, Sogeti helped Teradata representatives manage incidents more efficiently by enabling them to:

  • Log into the MyWork application from their Smartphone rather than a laptop.
  • Report incident progress and status offline and in real-time.
  • Give a more complete account of incident resolution without the stress of unreliable connectivity.
  • Save time with stored credentials, plus defined drop-down choices, and syncing with back-end systems.

Results Achieved

After the initial 4 weeks of discovery, development took 14 weeks and the project stayed within the scope and met budget. To date, the MyWork application is installed on more than 500 devices across the globe. The Teradata user base is making thousands of requests within the application daily and the number of issues reported per week is less than 1.

In addition to our expertise and the time/cost savings from using our experts rather than hiring for this one project, Teradata also chose Sogeti for our willingness to shift this project back to their experts once development and testing were complete. Today, Teradata has been able to sustain the MyWork application with a team of 2.

At a higher level, Field Service Representatives are doing more than just saving time—Teradata has benefited from more complete incident reports, which has improved their overall customer experience.

MyWork mobile is wonderful I use it all the time to look up incidents, check status on the fly, make sure that GSC has picked something up to work on it, stuff like that. In the short time it’s been out, I have become addicted and cannot imagine what I used to do before.” - Andrea P. (CS Support Services Manager)
Great use of technology to improve productivity.” -Bob F. (Teradata LT)
Mobile app on the phones looks great. Huge victory for efficiencies and accuracy for reporting for our CSRs.” -Chris M. (Teradata Field Service Rep)

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